Listen to Okayshades flip of Sol Gems ‘Echo Eyes’


Released on 7-inch vinyl for Record Store Day

The local psychedelic rock trio, Sol Gems, has dropped the Okayshades remix of their brilliant song ‘Echo Eyes’. Part of their latest album, Lapis Lazuli, ‘Echo Eyes’ is a beguiling musical narrative that thumps guitar, bass, drums, piano and enchanting vocals. In just under 4 minutes, the song takes you in and out of a trance, and you can’t help but repeat it just to experience the magic again.

Okayshades, AKA Beatenberg’s Rob Brink, masterfully continues the ethereal sound of ‘Echo Eyes’ by incorporating enthralling transitions. The beat starts and a door to a sonic utopia is opened, slowly and smoothly, you are transported through a relentless echo. The psychedelic vibe of the original track is maintained but there is an elevation that turns it into a light dance track.

Okayshades’ ‘Echo Eyes’ remix is like an electronic house track that keeps getting better as you listen to it. Whether you listen to it on a treadmill, in the club or at your desk, it’s absolute ecstasy. Turn up the volume and see what happens to your emotions and body.

Whether you listen to the original or the remix, ‘Echo Eyes’ is a mesmeric song. Listening to the track is akin to floating in the cosmos, traversing intergalactic forests. The psychedelic rock sound teases your ears and tugs at your soul.


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