Slikour launches KFC Soundbite Platform


The gift that keeps on giving

Slikour, was one of the founding members of record-breaking hip-hop crew, Skwatta Kamp. Following a successful solo career, the pioneer decided to use his personal brand to create a media platform which fast became the leading online platform for hip-hop fans.

Through this platform, Slikour has created a variety of initiatives which have helped musicians in getting their music out there. Something he didn’t have during his come-up. Not one to rest on his laurels, Slikour recently partnered with KFC for the launch of yet another platform.

KFC Soundbite first came onto our radar in 2015 when KFC put a record table in one of its stores. Using bone marrow technology from the medical industry any visitor to the store could listen to a curated set of local tracks using only their arms and hands. All you had to do was choose a track, place your elbows on the table and cup your hands over your ears using them as earphones. The experience was launched with rising artists Priddy Ugly, 2LeeStark, Lebolukewarm and Gingerbreadman

In a sign that the brand is in a long-term commitment to creating new ways for aspiring artists and music lovers to interact, they brought back Soundbite with a new twist and the help of Slikour. KFC has now created an online platform where unsigned and independent artists can upload their tracks and reach a new audience of fans. The platform is also a chart which is determined purely by the fans engagements. This is a great platform for artists as we don’t have all the resources to go through the countless amount of submissions we receive every day at The Fuss. But using a platform like Soundbite your track is guaranteed an audience and the opportunity to climb up a chart decided by fans.

The platform was launched with a listening session hosted by Slikour at Dakota Lee. He walked us through how to use the platform and played a couple of his favourites tracks on the chart. Priddy Ugly was also in attendance to celebrate the launch of the platform alongside the likes of Big Star Johnson, Tamara Dey and 2LeeStark.

At launch, there were already 400 tracks uploaded onto the platform. Going through the chart it’s great that the tracks at the top are varied in style. While the production quality we hear on the radio sometimes lacks in the tracks on Soundbite, the talent and creativity showcased sometimes exceeds that which we hear on the radio. A good example is ‘Wait’ by Taiter Trillest which currently sits at number 26 on the chart with a beat fit for Soulection Radio.

Check out the platform at this link where you can create a profile, upload, listen, share and unlock undiscovered music. You can also create a playlist, view the weekly chart and share your favourite tracks on social media.



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