Climate Control release one-shot video for “Little Mess”


The only constant through the mess of life is music

Sophomore albums can be the bane of any band. The task of creating another album your fans can enjoy is made all the more difficult when you are Climate Control and your debut album was as good as Preludes is.

A conundrum artists face when working on the follow up to their debut album is the question of whether to stick with the tried and tested or venture into new territories. With the double release of “Ghosts” and “Little Mess”, Climate Control settle the conundrum moethodically. Where “Ghosts” demonstrates the band has refined what fans came to know them by in Preludes, “Little Mess” is an exploration in something fresh, less aggressive and more melodic. With “Little Mess” sitting at number 1 on the Zone Radio Top 40 chart, it’s clear fans are enjoying the new sound.

AXS, based in Los Angeles, premiered the “Little Mess” music video. Nicolas Gonzalez (Lead vocalist), who stars in the music video, says the song “deals with the concept of loss and coming to terms with the inevitability of that loss”. The video sees him walking down a dark street performing “Little Mess” into camera and oblivious to all the activity around him. The visual interpretations of “Little Mess” insinuates that the only thing that gets him through the mess that is life is music.

“Little Mess” was shot by Ross Maxwell and directed by Brooklyn Pakathi who is also on keys and synths for Climate Control.



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