Monark release new single Broken


Fans can look forward to a light, lyrical driven melody which will get you ready for those shower singing sessions.

‘Broken’ is a noticeable departure from the band’s previous work. They have changed their music in terms of content, style and sound – a natural progression for a band’s growth and development. They felt the need to introduce this change with the most radical song from the new album as the first single, demonstrating the intentional movement between their first and second album.

Inspired by girls and their mood swings (and realising it is exactly what makes relationships worth it), the band had a less electronic approach to the song. Adding more electronic renditions of authentic instruments offers a unique approach to the album. The band is super excited to release a song which readies the listener for a focus on content that is not polished while at the same time telling the truth about life.

Buy/stream ‘Broken’ here on Apple Music.



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