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Inspired by external perception, Michael Lowman set out to write an album which showcases the different sides to him that people are unaware of. PopRadio is not just a departure of genre for Michael; it is a testament of his growth as a musician since the release of his last LP.

The album sees him experimenting with sounds and arrangements, playing around with vocal layers and harmonies for the first time and pushing his musical abilities to their limits. He decided to co-produce the album to intentionally throw himself into a world he had no experience with, until now. He wrote from the heart which resulted not in a new beginning for Michael Lowman, but a continuation; a new chapter.

In between finding love and a slight sense of independence, Michael wrote PopRadio at the end of 2015 in just under a month. Co-produced by Howie Combrink, the album was recorded at The Hit Lab in Johannesburg and Michael’s home studio in Cape Town.

“Most think I’m the guy who plays acoustic guitar in my room, melancholy tears dropping on one of many scribbled out notebooks – and they’d be almost exactly right, but I’m so much more than that. I love Pop music for the cleverness of melody. I love HipHop for the passion and the beat making. I love D&B for the way you lose yourself. I am so much more than the acoustic guitar playing Muzo you thought I was. PopRadio is meant to change that perception.”

PopRadio also features another new avenue for Michael – collaborations with the likes of Karlien van Jaarsveld, Khuli Chana, Ross Jack and Lelo.

“My expectation for this album isn’t to sell a million copies, or break new ground. I’m not trying to be ‘the next big thing’, geez, I’m not even trying to get ahead… I just want PopRadio to make you question who you thought Michael Lowman was. I want you to know that this album is the gate holding back the flood that is my musical capabilities, and that when it drops, there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will stop the torrent of music that will accompany the rest of my life.”

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