Late Night Fox release ‘Move Your Arms’ visuals


Exploring the beauty of space

Late Night Fox seems to take me to distant spaces with their music, whether it is when I see them live, listen to their EP or watching their latest music video ‘Move Your Arms’.

The space where ‘Move Your Arms’ was shot, is reminiscent to Dani Bakke’s childhood, in an area called Mnandi, on the outskirts of Centurion. With the area only inhabited by cows, the band tried to combine the mood the song creates with the visual element of the video.

Within the visuals of the music video, you see a masked character covered in semi-transparent, flesh-like material whilst wandering the undisturbed surroundings.

The conscious and unconscious movement of the character is communicated through elegant and carefree feelings that later leads you through to awkward and anxious postures.

The visual elements used to illustrate the untouched area, which is free and unoccupied, can unnerve a certain feeling that can lead to mistaking space for emptiness. A form of anxiety leads you through this adventure and the uncertainty of the character becomes clear in the visual communication of the body elements and the movement of the shots.

Late Night Fox created a video that emphasises the atmospheric quality of music and tried to portray a different way to connect to empty spaces, rather than feeling anxious and inner-conflict, you feel connected and at one with the surroundings.



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