Tidal Waves – Tomorrow Starts Today


This World Will Be A Better Place

Tidal Waves

An ideal is present. Love as a periodic rise and fall. Sea corresponds with sand, knowing the one needs the other, and on the offbeat so too we as living beings desire a standard where forces meet to coexist as conjunctions of the other. We are all walking reflections. Mirrors of each other’s strengths, shortcomings, hopes, and faults. We climb as waves in pursuit of our own ambitions, only to come crashing down on the shores of the lessons written in our genetic strands. The lessons we have forgotten to learn, the choices we are geared to make, and the pressures we have yet to reconcile.

If you have ever seen Tidal Waves live then you have felt a sense of that weight, if not all, wash away. They stand as humble servants to a love for all things living. They sing and compose calculated streams of affection, and if you truly listen, a message of harmony will inscribe your most inner being.

Tomorrow Starts Today is their sixth studio album and testimony to a moral objective that never falters: love can conquer all – love will conquer all. Whether intentional or not, Tidal Waves have a divine calling. As a collective, they unite people across all cultures and races, and although politics might form part of the subject matter, it’s never through politics that they join us, but through a commitment to the truth alone.

“Things Will Be Iree” addresses the listener directly. The listener is the downtrodden, the beaten, and the jobless. Those who are starved for hope while the children are starving at home. Sentiments of empathy carry the verse. I know you were knocking on each and every door | trying your luck | but some of the doors had big signs written NO JOB | with the capital letters from the capitalist himself. The narrative composition makes it impossible not to relate. One fears for the security and spirit of the listener, and as an outsider, meshes into one with the struggles faced by a poverty stricken whole.

These are the times that drives man’s soul | Whatever you think is impossible can be possible | It’s not about being knocked down | It’s about standing up again. Encouragement builds throughout, highlighting the strength of character and the determination it takes to live in unison with one’s dreams and desires, the greatest power being the persistence to rise up time and time again even though the scrapes and bruises find no room to heal.

“Woe” is a personal favourite. The voice and vision come together as a narrative flashback of South Africa’s past – a look into the upset of Apartheid and how several of its themes are still prevalent in the present day. The song is one of mourning. An outcry against the division we institutionalise between ourselves and the neighbour we are supposed to love.

There seems no end to the hatred committed by the system | Freedom fighters is just came to be oppressors | Human dignity obstructed by the democratic military leaders | To stay in control forever. What follows is an emotional grievance. A chorus that cries for a change of heart. The honesty of its execution moves one to tears and the outcry lives inside long after the song is finished.

To conclude, Tomorrow Starts Today consists of a diverse range of passions. A body of work to keep the listener from sinking or drowning no matter how tenacious the waves of life may become.



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