Sam Turpin Announces New Mixtape With Visuals For ‘Lunar Vibe’


“Internet hype, Miss me with that shit man I guess I’m not the type”

With two EPs and four music videos (including ‘Thoughts’ which we previously echoed) to his repertoire, Sam Turpin has announced the addition of a mixtape due for release on the 1st of August. 4AM in Jozi is the title of the project and it will feature 11 tracks with Turpin taking the reigns over his sound producing every single track on the tape.

Sam Turpin announced the project with the release of a music video for ‘Lunar Vibe’ through Apparently Magazine. The visual sees Turpin performing the track against the backdrop of Johannesburg at nighttime. The setting also alludes to the geography and time in which the entire mixtape is rooted in thematically. “Both the project and the video are set in a night time Johannesburg full of anxiety, fear, wonder and love.” says Turpin.

The track steers clear of the hype of trap music and it’s brazen cousins, however, the sound does allude to the mashup culture of the contemporary internet. You can’t attribute the gloomy production to any particular geography or sub-genre as it is the interpretation of all his varied influences most likely consumed over the internet which connects him to the rest of the globe. The content places the music firmly in Johannesburg with Turpin exploring and decoding self on the streets of a city which is also doing same. ‘Lunar Vibe’ signals a lyrical and musical progression for Sam Turpin which we hope to encounter on the rest of the mixtape.

Watch the video for ‘Lunar Vibe’ below.



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