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We don’t regularly feature hip-hop on The Fuss, but that is not a direct reflection of how much hip-hop we listen to. As much as I wasn’t brought up on Wu-Tang, I enjoy my fair share of hip-hop. Two things contributed to the lack of our coverage of hip-hop. First of all, our knowledge of hip-hop is limited, which would make for uninspiring coverage of the genre. Secondly, it is currently the biggest genre in South Africa, so I was under the impression that it didn’t need coverage on our niche blog.

However, everyone is entitled to an opinion and it is clear that there is a whole scene below the tip of the iceberg which deserves the coverage. So consider this a lifting of our embargo on hip-hop and rap.

Unlike myself, Sam Turpin was very much brought up on hip-hop with classic Kanye West and OutKast as his teachers. As functional as one of his limbs, hip-hop is second nature to Sam. However, his cloud rap interpretation of the genre is far removed from the commercial norm and largely unknown.

The “Thoughts” video sees Sam play the part of director, producer and rapper in keeping true to the independent essence of cloud rap. Sam describes the video as “Lyrically dealing with the anxieties of social and everyday life, the video looks at [his]creative process; writing and producing to alleviate emotional stress and confront inner demons”. Through the process, Sam finds solace in uncovering that those inner demons are himself.

“Thoughts” is the first release off Sam’s upcoming sophomore EP “Wasi-Wasi” which is set for release at the end of November.


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