Loui Lvndn releases new music video


Introducing ‘Golden Globe’, the first visual story off from the album Hikari

One of the closest songs to Loui Lvndn’s heart on this project, ‘Golden Globe’ is the first video from Hikari, It really explores contrast and juxtapositioning. That of movement against the stationary.

“My beautiful, golden statue and prize can only ever be just beautiful and golden and motionless in the midst of my expressive excitement and passion around her. This contrast is captured using classic musical elements against contemporary boom-bap. These themes are then carried into the music video using a high contrast grade and slow motion versus a highly animated performance.”

The video was shot at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein and had Loui Lvndn share the director’s chair with Mcgee. Model Yenani Madikwa co-stars with Lvndn in the video and both deliver a beautifully emotional performance.

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