Listen to “Gone Girl” from Loui Lvndn and Emamkay


A glimpse of the darker RnB series in anticipation to the forthcoming debut album

After East London-born Loui Lvndn (pronounced ‘London’) and rapper Emamkay had a great ‘Rocking The Daisies’ performance together in 2016, both are excited for the release of ‘Gone Girl’. The single is one in the series of dark RnB themed tracks they have been brewing since mid-2016.

Lvndn explains the message behind the song. “This particular one explores a drunken moment of indecision, insecurity and passion where the female subject was too gone (intoxicated) to leave. So she stayed, which then forces the author to confront all the contrasting feelings towards the girl.”

‘Gone Girl’ was recorded during Loui Lvndn’s debut album writing process, but will not be included as a track on the album and serves as a pre-single. However, the mood in the writing hints to Loui Lvndn’s angsty and emotive writing in the forthcoming debut album, which has been entitled Your Princess Is In Another Castle and is set for release in May through Gallo Record Company.


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