In Conversation with Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions


We chat to Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions ahead of Capital Craft discussing the ‘Easy Love’ music video, working with Popsicle Studios on their upcoming EP and what to expect at the festival


You have gone on to release a music video for ‘Easy Love’ since the last time we spoke. Tell us about the concept and themes of the music video and the align to the content of the song.

Yeah, the music video was a bit of experimentation – had a lot of fun as we made it with friends and family. The song comments on man’s relationship with nature. We wanted the style of the video to be post-apocalyptic western- showcasing man’s descent back to a simpler society. The best part of the video was that I got to show off my horse riding skills and go full cowboy. I had a fun gallop down Noordhoek beach and I do my own stunts. lol.

You’ve been working on your EP at Popsicle Studios. How was the recording process working with the team at Popsicle Studios?

Working with Popsicle Studios has been amazing – very cool guys. The EP is almost done and we are amped.

What can we expect of the EP and when can we expect its release? Do we have a title for the project yet?

Well, hopefully, you love it. It’s a collection of songs new and old that we have the most fun playing in the live set. We don’t have a title for the EP yet- must sum up where we are as a band. Hoping a name jumps out in time. The release date also has not been finalised but will be out sometime in next two months.

You’ve played quite a few major shows and festivals so far this year. What has been the most memorable performance one yet and why?

We have enjoyed all the shows we played at. 100% true. Each festival brings it’s own energy to the music we play.

What can be expected of your performance at Capital Craft Beer Festival?

Music that lifts the soul.

Does the band have a favourite beer?

Lion beer.

Catch Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions performing at Capital Craft Beer Festival on the 10th of June at Pretoria Botanical Gardens.


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