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Providing insight into the creation of their upcoming debut album

In anticipation of their debut album release in July, Cape Town’s Alt-Pop duo, Lo-ghost, has launched a 15 episode podcast series, Night Sounds. The podcast series is meant to share the creative process of putting together the almost entirely self-produced album, highlighting some of the things that the duo found interesting along the way.

In each episode, Shannon Devy and Evan Strauss deconstruct one of the songs from the album, discussing some of the technical and musical elements of the production, engineering and performance, as well as the issues and experiences that informed the songwriting. The episodes are made of honest discussions around issues of grief, loss, internalised homophobia, mental health, broken hearts and a near-death experience involving a bidet.

“Talking about these issues is important to us – they’re conversations we wish were happening more frequently in the public sphere. Hopefully the podcast series can contribute positively somewhere, to someone, if only to make them feel less alone, or to help normalise issues that are stigmatised,” says Devy.

Lo-ghost will be releasing, on their website, two episodes of the series a week, on Tuesdays and on Fridays until the 14th of July when their debut album drops. At the end of each episode, you’ll hear a track preview.

The album, titled There’s blood in my body and it sounds like this is a 15-track statement of dark, triumphant alt-pop. The songs deliver deeply emotional material through rich synth arrangements, danceable electronic beats and massive vocal performances, all coloured with a distinct pop sensibility.

“When we started planning this album six months ago, the idea was to do the entire thing ourselves, including the production, the mixing and the engineering. Whatever we didn’t know, we would have to learn as we went along. And that is, to a large extent (with some crucial help from our incredible friends), exactly what we did. We lost sleep. We learned a lot, and we put together an album we’re really proud of,” says Devy.

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