Nothing Major with The Tazers


In anticipation of the next installment of #NothingMajor, we chat to The Tazers to discuss trolling their fans, the potential for a full album release and collaborations in the rock and roll scene.

the tazers

Your third EP in the machine trilogy, Love Machine EP, was recently released. Tell us about the recording and creative process for the EP?

We started recording Love Machine straight after our national tour of Time Machine last year around May. Originally the EP was going to be three  tracks that each of us wrote the foundation for, but we ended up adding two new songs to the list that we all seemed to come together on.

“Shake It” was an extremely successful venture into new territories on the

latest EP. How did the track come to life? Was it a conscious decision to

explore a different sound or did it happen naturally?

Guido came to band practice one day with a huge grin on his face. He played us the pilot version of Shake Its’ chorus and we immediately fell in love with it. The original idea was very similar but we ended up changing the verse melodies and lyrics along the way, as well as the bridge part. The song came to life in a natural transition.

You rick-rolled fans with a cleverly disguised sneak peak of the “Shake It” video. When can we expect the full music video to be released?

It’s coming soon. This is for the fans you know. We’re never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down or desert you.

With three EP’s under your belt and the craft only getting better with each release, are the plans to release an album in the future?

We’re working on a sneaky release or 2 before then but yes; an album is in the works.

You’re working on a track with BOXER for #NothingMajor. Can you tell us anything about this track and what it’s like working with BOXER?

All we can really say is that it’s going to be a sexy number, so hide your girlfriends (or your mom).

Collaborations are a chief part of the hip-hop scene. Why in your opinion do we not see as much collaboration within the rock and roll scene?

Rock ‘n Roll musicians do collaborate from time to time which usually results in the formation of new bands or side projects. Collabs sound good in principle, but there are lots of obstacles to get past like attachments to parts of a song that not everyone might like, different methods of recording, production/songwriting, writing songs in the jamroom vs writing in studio, egos and working with boxer in general. It’s sometimes hard to deal with how egotistical Ari can be, but we’ll manage, only because his falsetto voice is that of a soaring angel.

What can be expected of your performance at #NothingMajor?

You can expect Guido to be wearing a white shirt, that’s for sure. Tim might get naked, depending on how sweaty Kitcheners gets. We’ll also be playing some songs with our instruments.


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