We Are Charlie release sad kind of happy, “Let’s Stare At The Sun”


In case you forgot how to have fun

The last we heard from We Are Charlie was “Hippy Flip” which was featured on The Fuss List. In case you had forgotten how to have fun the band has been working on their third EP.

“Let’s Stare At The Sun” is the first single off the latest EP titled The Sad Kind Of Happy. It’s quintessential indie with the shrill guitar lick and disco beat drums. The distinctive and unfiltered voice of Dylan Christie gives the single its inevitable appeal. “Let’s Stare At The Sun” sees We Are Charlie addressing the growing pains of adulthood and reminiscing on a youthful time when staring at the sun was a curious and fun pass time.

The Sad Kind Of Happy which is scheduled for release later this was recorded and produced by Nic Dinnie at Pop Filter Studios with mastering by Jacob van der Westhuizen.

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