We Are Charlie – Hippy Flip


Listen to We Are Charlies latest single, “Hippy Flip”

We Are Charlie are rather new to the music scene, well at least for me they are. I discovered We Are Charlie a few days ago and let me tell you I am happy this happened to me. They bring a unique style to the scenes output with music that is energetic, fun and will make you get up and dance.

I asked the band to tell me a little about them, which made me smile. They are three dudes who are known for their salon quality hair and black coffee so strong you can shave with it. They like to party and have a strong love for poetry, which influences their music. They write indie music which they hope makes people happy and dancey.

“Dancey is a real word, we’re sure of it.” Says We Are Charlie.

With an indie rock influence to their music, We Are Charlie is definitely one of the bands to look forward to seeing live. Their sound is something different, something we don’t hear as often as we should. They have gone back to basics and produced some tunes that make people fall in love with indie again – although we can’t really call indie a genre given the vast variety of different sub-genres that are classified under Indie. Listening to their new EP made me think of early The Strokes, in a way, or even some good old Temples.

“Hippy Flip” is the latest single off their Yard Sale EP. The song is about making stupid decisions that end with a great time. “We’re quite young and little so basically all we know is stupid decisions and great times. The influence, you could say came from a bit of disco and some rockin’ and rollin’. No deeper influence, maybe Lady Gaga. Whatever happened to her by the way?” Says We Are Charlie.

The band considers themselves as a lot of things and indie rock is definitely one of them. They listen to genres like “stoner rock” and alternative as well. Every member of the band has different music preferences and they make sure that it somehow shows off in the music they write.

I asked the band if their upbeat music was a direction they originally saw themselves going in to which they replied, “To be honest the upbeat thing just comes naturally. Even when we’ve tried to write slower numbers, we’ll just turn them into a rave disco party without any warning.”

“Hey Friend”, also off the Yard Sale EP was previously featured as Track Of The Week and the band considered it kind of a big deal. “We would love for it to happen again, because at the next braai we could just be those douches who brag about it! We’ll even wear our best clothes to that braai and be all fancy! No, but on a serious note we felt so honored and we promise not to be douches if it happens again.”



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