Need A New Car To Get You To All The Music Festivals?


We’ve Got A Solution

There are a number of festivals coming up this year which none of us want to miss. They are located in every corner of the country – some are even extremely hard to get to. This means as responsible music groupies we need to make sure we have a reliable and affordable way to get to all the music festivals around SA!

What do we suggest?

Get yourself a second-hand car! The team at 1Life gave us a couple of pointers on what to look out for before you grab that sweet new ride.

There are three reasons why buying a brand new car isn’t the best idea in South Africa:

1. Most South Africans can’t afford what a new car costs (yep, that’s us!)

2. New cars in South Africa cost more than they do anywhere else in the world

3. Cars are liabilities and depreciate significantly from the moment you buy them.

Knowing very well you are going to be traveling a lot, you might want to save some bucks and get yourself to a trusted dealership for a used car. It is so easy to get ripped off by some pop-up dealership from down the block. Try getting an overview of the company you want to buy from, that way it’s easier to return a complaint (and get something done about it!).

Check the technical stuff like mileage and engine. These things are quite easy to forget and might cost you more money and your safety during your journey. It wouldn’t be a fun adventure being stuck in the middle of nowhere and missing the event you set out to. Get the paperwork record checked, make sure you do the initial test drive and get the roadworthy certificate for that specific vehicle. Chances are there’ll be tons of cops on the road during these events, so please make sure you don’t get on the wrong side of the law unknowingly.

With that being said, remember the bigger financial picture: You’re buying a safe, comfortable car at a reasonable price. The fancy and shiny aspects can wait until you’re the rock star performing at these festivals 😉

For now, why don’t you tell us what car you find best to travel to festivals in? Or share with us your plans to buy your next (or first) car?



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