Hip-Hop Amplified


Alternative Experiences of The Biggest Genre in South Africa

Hip-hop has caught on like wildfire in recent years both locally and globally. The genre has surpassed kwaito, house and even gospel to be the biggest genre in South Africa following a global trend. It’s the genre that saw the first South African musician reach a million followers on Twitter. It’s the genre that saw the first South African musician fill up the dome. It’s the genre which through the assembled calls of its fans, now has its own exclusive stage at the premier music festival, Rocking The Daisies.

Whether you like it or not, Hip-Hop is here and it’ll probably be leading the pack for some time to come. Amstel knows this, so the beverage brand recently orchestrated their #AmstelAmplified campaign which sort to amplify the experience of consuming hip-hop music. Amstel collaborated with three keys players (AKA, Cassper Nyovest and The Fans) in hip-hop to create alternative experiences even individuals who don’t like hip-hop would find highly entertaining. Check out the highlights of amplified experiences below.

Karaoke with AKA

The first experience was hosted at Hard Rock Cafe in Sandton during their karaoke nights. When one fan chose their favourite AKA song to perform, his experience was amplified as the curtain behind him lifted to reveal AKA and his full band. The fan had the once in a lifetime opportunity to perform “All Eyes On Me” with his favourite rapper.

Cassper the friendly Jukebox

For this experience hosted at the Bannister Hotel in Braam, Amstel sought the help of Cassper Nyovest. The venue was fitted with a state-of-the-art jukebox where attendants could choose a song of their liking. When a Cassper Nyovest megafan approached the jukebox and picked “Le Mpitse”, the experience was amplified as the jukebox opened up to reveal Cassper himself. The fan had the once in lifetime opportunity of having the rapper perform just for him as he sat in a golden chair.

AUX cables DJs take centre-stage

This experience was all about the fans. Amstel built a massive speaker installation at the Neighbourgoods Market in Braam and all the aux cable DJs were let loose. The music was controlled by anyone in attendance as the crowd had the opportunity to plug their phones into the system and play any song of their liking. Being a local music we obviously had to play a local track and the crowd quite enjoyed hearing Christian Tiger Schools “SABC 2”.

The #AmstelAmplified campaign was a well executed campaign providing intimate fan experiences and we’re quite excited to see what they may have in store next. The only thing which could possibly top this would be getting AKA and Cassper to squash their beef for a performance together.


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