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There’s something quite riveting in the way that people are affected by music, it’s almost as though they are being awoken in the purest of ways. When the first beats and symphonic melodies begin to flow from your favourite song something begins to happen in the pit of your core; fireworks start to explode, flowers start to bloom and “oh my god the world is a beautiful place” is etched onto your lips.

A few days ago I found myself in the vile underbelly of the teenage existence: a high school house party. I was floating through passages opening doors and closing them without hesitation in quite an intoxicated state of mind, one of the doors I opened contained 2 bodies engulfed in each other with flesh touching flesh and the aroma of young love in the air.

As soon as I exited the room a deep low resonating sound began travelling along the cigarette littered wooden floorboards and into the cells of my body, it travelled up my legs and vibrated against my fingertips. Before I knew it I was pulled to the music trying to find the destination of its birth, the music lead me to a room, quite a small room and perhaps it had been a family room at one point but now it was a menagerie of bodies grating and pulsating to one ancient rhythmic beat which housed the ability to unify.

Standing by the door absolutely mesmerized by the flow of passion one cannot help but smile at the beautiful view of people absorbing music and expressing it with their bodies, this is what music is about, when us humans are introduced to a certain song or band we transform into a beautiful powerhouse of love, art and expression. Witnessing this passion I can’t help but wonder what happened to raw beautiful expression and reckless abandon.

Why do I spend my nights at bars and events where people just stand around noticing music instead of being engulfed into it and really feeling something? Come on people lets fucking dance and go crazy and throw our bodies together and be a part of the grand ceremony of raw downright beautiful expression. Bring on the days of reckless abandon

written by Cassandra Pohorille


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