Grassy Spark release music video for ‘Here I am’


Winners of the 2015 Vodacom In The City competition release their latest music video for ‘Here I Am’

Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow-up? Or at least just sit and wonder if what you are doing with your life right now is really you, to conquer your fears, doubts and obstacles to pursue your first step to achieve your dreams. Grassy Spark’s latest music video ‘Here I Am’ tells this story that exists within each of us.

Sparks are flying with the 7-piece Ska-blend band from Cape Town. Metal wind instruments, with drums coming in on the second and fourth beat while guitars emphasize the next few beats has us glued in, this Ska-inspired band consists of strong rhythm sections, guitar loops, keyboards and bass.

Grassy Spark is a unique blend of fast popular music with a strong offbeat that originated in Jamaica in the 1960’s and incorporates multiple genres that lead to a satisfying end product that is pure aural happiness. The beauty of this band lies in the authenticity of each live show, as they go out of their way to appease and connect with the crowd.  

Grassy Spark’s latest single ‘Here I Am’ was recently released on 5fm with DJ Nick Hamman, hyping up the fans with a great online campaign which had fans share videos via social media to spread the message of what they aspire to be one day and taking it to a trend with #HereIAm.

At first the music video does not really make sense, but the more you watch it, the more the story becomes clear. Having to travel through, what seems to be a “porthole” to help oneself to become a better person, or to even just conquer what you have been thinking of doing your whole life.

We are all here, but are we doing everything we possibly can to our fullest capacity to achieve what we want out of our lives? Grassy Spark is truly an inspiration in that sense, whether it is in the music they create or the odd music videos they make, with Grassy spark you don’t simply dance or move, you feel their groove at your core.



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