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Jason Lume, the locally recognised stage commander of the music scene tells us how it got involved in being an emcee, how Stache will raise funds for Movember and what whiskers he’ll be sporting at the event

jason lume

Tell us about how you got involved in the emcee business, what were some of your most challenging moments to get where you are today?

I launched my career through the Shortstraw-led brand event, Boosh. It was a natural fit, and both Boosh and I grew from the experience. Eventually I was able to impress the right people to give me my first big shot, hosting the Kooks at the 5gum Experience. From there it grew into other opportunities like In The City (on multiple occasions), Holi One Colour Fest, Sowing the Seeds, corporate events, and recently a stage at Oppikoppi – A real dream of mine. I feel so honoured to have been able to share the stage with such truly talented, versatile and dynamic artists in my career. As an MC, your most challenging moments are when something goes wrong. When a band is running late, or playing horribly over their prescribed set times. When the crowd is chanting “We want more!” with the veracity of a mob in full tilt and there’s simply no time left to fit it in. It sucks being the bad guy then. I legitimately had to dodge a plastic bottle thrown at my head once. It pays to stay on your toes.

Tell us a little bit about Stache, and how did the fellas get you involved?

Stache is an opportunity to use our skills to give back to a worthy cause. On one hand, it allows us to raise funds for an incredibly worthy charity in the Movember Foundation, working with people who truly need them. On the other, it allows us to open up the dialogue about men’s health issues. It’s an issue that a lot of guys don’t want to deal with, but it’s a discussion that can make all the difference. Early detection is simply the best method to combat cancer. Myself and one of the event organisers, Klaas van der Walt, being both beard and stache wearers, have had discussions about it in the past, and decided that rather than just growing a mo’ this year, we were going to find a more fulfilling way to give back. And Stache is it.

What gets you really excited when you get asked to MC for an evening?

What gets me excited about emceeing shows is the opportunity to become part of the thrilling and dynamic local music scene. South African musicians have so much to offer the world and I am constantly being introduced to more great acts that are worthy of attention. I’ll do what I can to help the SA music scene grow stronger.

How do you feel that Stache will make a difference to the Prostate Cancer awareness?

Stache is going to act as a vehicle for discussion on the issue of prostate cancer. Men are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to health issues, and that has led to the deaths of many young men. It also allows us to actively show support for people who are suffering with cancer, and to send a message that we are in this together.

For those not growing a moustache this year, how can they support Movember?

For our no-mo-growers out there, just by attending events like Stache you are helping contribute towards the battle against cancer. If you are simply looking to hand over some money in the name of charity, find a friend who is looking to get sponsored to grow his stache for any number of charities.

What kind of moustache will you be growing this year?

This year I’m going the nutty route with my stache. I have been sporting a beard all year so I have something to play with. Cheating, yes. But what kind of MC would I be if I had no Mo to show by the 11th? Let’s just say this year my mo will have colour and twirls to make up for it.

What strategies are you, and the rest of the bands, going to use to attract the fans and keep them engaged to attend the first Stache event?

Having our event at the Bohemian opens us up to a loyal community of music lovers, who are used to seeing quality bills put together. And that’s just what Stache can do, it’s like a match made in heaven. Ultimately, Stache is an event run by good people, for good people, for a good cause. The spirit of the event will keep people coming back, and help the event grow from strength to strength.

What can we expect on the night of the event?

Stache is going to be one for the books. All of the acts booked for the night are a perfect recipe for success. DJ Nudisto is an established party-starter. MIAGII, whilst new to the scene, are ripping it up and making waves as if it were their birthright. We Are Charlie are an obvious choice when looking at bands who get people’s feet moving and takkies squeaking. They have proven themselves at many of SA’s premier festivals to be tight musicians and plain old really nice guys. Having a headliner like Boxer is really the only way to end off a night like ours. They have enjoyed a spectacular rise in popularity since they started playing live shows back in 2014, and deservedly so. Boxer is definitely one of the bands to watch over the next few years. All this, tied together by a happy atmosphere and affordable beer. What’s not to love?

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