Interview with Pascal & Pearce


We get some insight into the traction of dance music with long-time friends and DJ duo, Pascal & Pearce, who just inked a deal with heavyweight major label, Universal Music & released a new remix


How do you keep the energy alive at all your gigs? Is there a formula that works for you guys if you’re feeling a shift in the mood?

We’ve always found it pretty easy, when you love what you do it isn’t hard. And we generally just wing it to be honest, it hasn’t steered us wrong yet! You are going to have to pay us to let you know our secret energy source, but what I can say is that eating and sleeping well helps make sure you have a good chance in this industry.

You guys have toured both locally and internationally. Tell us some of the highlights of being on the road/ in the sky, visiting new audiences constantly?

Traveling is essential in life, and we have been lucky enough to see some amazing places. One of the best feelings is when we are playing at a new venue, and people are dancing to something that they have never heard before. Being on the road is very inspirational – being in new places, meeting new people. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a very tiring lifestyle. But totally worth it!

Tell us about your remix system. Do you have to get the permission of an artist before you remix the song or is the internet domain up for anyone?

You definitely need permission – without permission it’s just a bootleg. Not to say that’s necessarily a bad thing, we’ve done our fair share of bootlegs – they’re just very different.

Tell us about dance music. How is it making waves in the industry compared to a decade ago?

You can’t even compare to a decade ago. In 2006 dance music was still quite a niche – in a lot of ways, dance music is now influencing pop music, it’s a lot more mainstream now and the amount of sub genres has grown exponentially! Dance music has been bubbling away since the 80s, and is now full steam ahead. It’s the basis for a lot of pop songs nowadays, and is incorporated into a lot of genres today.

The new remix single ‘I should have said” is out. What was it about this song that needed your take on it?

To be honest, our record label Universal SA approached us with the opportunity, and we grabbed it with both hands. We really liked the track, the vocals are amazing so we definitely felt it was something we could work with! We felt we could work with the vocals, and it was a great opportunity to work with an international vocalist.

It’s season time. All the tourists are visiting and ready to experience the lifestyle. What have you guys got planned?

Season is always crazy – as a DJ there are a lot more shows going down than most other times of the year, so you have to have tons of music and be prepared for very little sleep! We’ve been working on lots of new material recently, so season is a perfect chance to do some road testing and see how things are sounding! We can’t wait for summer to kick into gear here in SA. We have shows planned in all parts of the country – so if you see us advertised in your area, be sure to come and party with us!




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