Lance Herman shares details on debut video


Ahead of the event celebrating the release of Lance Herman’s first single ‘Rollercoaster’, we talk about the girl featured in the video, the approach to releasing singles as they are recorded and acknowledging everyone who has been involved in his music process.

Who is the girl is dancing in the video? What is your connection to her?

The girl in the video is Loulou Taylor, I actually met her on set, so to speak. Even though there was no set for the video, it was shot on the street. Loulou had been living in LA and just arrived back in Cape Town- a friend of Anton’s, who directed the video. Anton asked her to be in the video, she was keen, and brought an awesome energy to the filming process. Nice call Anton!

Where was it filmed, who filmed it and what you think about the result?

The video was filmed on Sea Point Main Road. It was filmed by Anton Du Preez. I think the result is great!

Why have you approached spreading your music this way, with singles taking focus instead of an EP?

At this point, I guess maybe out of practical necessity! As opportunities arise to record songs I’ve written, I am taking them – with a view to building up a full length album. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Instagram to be kept up to date with forthcoming releases!

Maybe you could give me a little bit more information [about the musicians you are playing with & Thor Rixon as a choice for DJ!]What do you appreciate about their work in the local industry/community?

Firstly, my band for Monday night is Jonno Sweetman on drums and Ryan McArthur on bass. We’ve been playing quite a bit together and these are really top musicians to be working with, so I’m super excited. Jonno plays in a few different outfits, for example, the Reza Khota quartet, the Kyle Shephard Trio – to name a few, and Ryan plays with the City, Sannie Fox and The Shebeen, amongst others. So yeah, quite a bit is developing as far as a local community goes, and the industry is becoming stronger as well. Thor is gonna follow with a  DJ (Vinyl) set, Thor’s a great beatmaker, and I went to a night at Yours Truly recently, Thor DJ’d, and people were definitely bopping!


Lance Herman ‘Rollercoaster’ Music Video Party
19:30 to 22:00
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa


‘In an interview with Jennifer Sanasie at News24 earlier this year, I said I’d be throwing a party to celebrate the release of the single Rollercoaster & its accompanying music video. Well, this is that party.’ LH

7:30PM – Doors Open
8:30PM – Lance Herman (with Jonno Sweetman & Ryan McArthur + Special Guests)
Followed by Thor Rixon DJ (Vinyl) set

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