Interview with Metro Ticket


Ahead of their performance at the seventh edition of Grietfest, we catch up with Metro Ticket, discussing the synergy of having played as duo for years, promoting their own events, and the credibility of Grietfest

Metro Ticket

The friendship between you two is older than 10 years. When exactly did you two start DJing together and what interested you most in DJing back when you started?

We started DJing in 2010 but formed a musical relationship back in 2005, which was our matric year. It was then that we realized we had a shared interest for “dance” music.

You have some experience behind the scenes having built and promoted your own parties which you hosted at the what was Tokyo Star in Greenside. What do you miss most about the era if anything?

It was a great but tiring three years of weekly Thursday Deep Town Nights at Tokyo Star. Those nights taught us a lot about throwing events on a small scale, which impacted us in a positive way to throw the bigger events we do today: Ampersand and Fenomena Phestival

Would you say what interested you most about DJing when you started is still what interests you about the craft currently? If not, what has changed?

Absolutely. We love mixing beats. It’s an amazing feeling being able to play the music you are passionate about to people who appreciate it and respond to it in a positive way on the dance floor.

Your moniker alludes to the musical journey you take your listeners on. What do you consider most important in these journeys: The destinations (track selection) or the path (mixing) towards those destinations?

Without a doubt 50/50 of both.

Having played together for as long as you have the synergy between the two of you must be seamless. What would you say are the pros and cons of DJing as a duo as opposed to solo?

Well synergy is what best describes our partnership. As they say 1+1=3 and that best demonstrates the sets we play together. In saying that, we are our own DJs with our own styles, very rarely do we find ourselves going in different directions but that is quickly corrected as the dance floor decides.

South Africa is getting its first music awards dedicated purely to dance music and one of the categories are best festival. Having had the opportunity to play at a variety of festival how would you rate the credibility of Grietfest amongst the best out there?

It’s one of the top festivals in the country, run by passionate and professional promoters. Griet showcases top artists from around the country covering a variety of music genres which honestly speaking, is matched by no one. 10/10 for educating the party goers on how a real production is run. We can’t wait!

Grietfest takes place on the 26th of August at The Container Yards in Johannesburg. Get your tickets here. For all updates on Grietfest, keep up with the #OlmecaGF2017 hashtag and follow Grietfest on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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