Interview with Retro Dizzy


We touch base with Retro Dizzy ahead of their new album fundraiser and learn this: playing the fool only adds to their charm, they have high hopes of boys in dresses for 2017 & that this band is all they do.


Tell us about the evolution of Retro Dizzy: what mindset the band was in when you decided to start a band, how you’ve been received since then and how you’re enjoying making music now?

We wanted to break the monotony of sound and make it alright for boys to wear dresses and have fun whilst doing so. Not many boys have put much effort into wearing said dress, but we’re holding thumbs for 2017. The elevator has gone three floors ups. At first, we struggled with the photosynthesis process, but the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and we can feel our lily leaves blossoming.

You guys have a variety of genre influences coming through your sound. Tell us how the sounds reminiscent of surf rock, garage, psychedelic and retro punk empower you to make music. What is it about this kind of sound exposition that draws you guys in & why do you think there has been a rise in this kind of music in the local music scenes?

We literally just wanted to make music to get girls and we’ve failed miserably. We like this style of music probably because of the same way that the French people eat curry – we are attracted to the sound vibrations, good good good good vibrations. This music has become popular because according to the Aztec calendar, the moon has exposed itself to the Tabula Rasa. A change in the tides has occurred and the chosen sons and daughters whom have opened the curtains of what was once beautiful, but tainted by the money hungry war pigs.

There’s something nostalgic about your sound. Sometimes dreamy and other times really boisterous. How do you find a balance between these tones?

Oddity and maxx pleasure.

You guys have a lot of fun on social media, documenting your lifestyles & music updates in a very personable and amusing manner. Sometimes you take the piss out of a moment – other times, you get real sweet on us and share endearing tidbits of gratitude. Who takes control of all these little anecdotes and updates on your fan’s feeds?

Thank you for noticing, we all put equal amounts of effort in terms of weaving the carpet.

Our pleasure is your pleasure. Thank you.

Is this what you guys do for a living or do you have day jobs, hobbies or a service you provide that brings in the cash to live?

This is all we do.

The band has an extra member now. Tell us how that works to your advantage?

Now if we get in a fight with three people, we will most probably win just in terms of people power.

You guys have toured around all the major cities/ suburbs and maybe even dorpies, playing your tunes to existing and new fans. Do you have a city that really speaks to you – makes you feel alive and the atmosphere keeps you going for days on end?

Stellenbosch has always been sweet to us like a dirty stepmom: good wine and we always have somewhere to stay. Cape Town is our homebase.

You are playing a fundraiser this month with Runaway Nuns & Dangerfields. Why did you choose these two bands to play alongside you guys? What do you value about their music and relationship with the industry?

We believe those are two of the top bands in the scene and they work lekker hard. And we all friends and family.

Retro Dizzy Album Fundraiser
20:00 to 02:00
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa
From 23-09-16 to 24-09-16

Mother City Music Presents: RETRO DIZZY ALBUM FUNDRAISER with Runaway Nuns and Dangerfields.

Your favorite lads, Retro Dizzy, are doing a fundraiser to help them get money for Windhoeks, nice shirts and to do a new album.

Joining them will be two of the best new bands in Cape Town, if not the world, Runaway Nuns and Dangerfields.

The handsome boys from Holy Funk will be DJing and laying down the love lines.

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