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That Sinking Into The Couch Feeling

Mother City citizens, Retro Dizzy, recently released their third full-length album. Just Relax follows and develops on the sound of  their previous albums Youth Is Like A Loaded Gun and Creatures Of The Black Desert.

Just Relax sees the band further develop their exploration of the mellow surf-rock sound probed in their 2016 single, ‘Feel Alright’. While the track isn’t on their latest album, a similar approach is apparent throughout the album filled with the alternate picking techniques, reverb-drenched electric guitars, percussive grooves and vocal coos of surf rock.

While the band cites surf rock pioneers Beach Boys as having influenced the sound of the album, a more tangible influence in their evolution lies in the expansion of the group with the addition of Andre Vlok on guitar and supporting vocal duties. His addition has created for more dimension to their guitar melodies and a focus in the themes covered lyrically and their musical style overall.

In promotion of the album, Retro Dizzy are embarking on The Garage Sale Tour which will see them surf the train north to Gauteng with The Deathrettes. The tour will see the bands performing at The Good Luck Bar and Arcade Empire with the tour culminating in a performance on the main stage at Mieliepop.

Find a couch to sink into and stream Just Relax below.

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