Nothing Major with BOXER


In anticipation of the next instalment of #NothingMajor we chat to BOXER to discuss progress on their next release, the last time they played #NothingMajor, and working the Tazers.


It’s been almost a year since the release of the Aminals EP. Are you working on any new music and how would you say your music has developed or evolved since then?

We’re constantly working on new stuff with any chance we get. We’ve found that it’s a matter of balancing between a practice of the set that we’re currently playing at shows and then trying to squeeze in new song ideas in between that. Since Aminals, the new stuff we’ve been writing feels a little bit more adventurous, taking the time to explore as many avenues as we can before we settle on an idea. So in terms of sounds and putting parts together, there’s been more focus on what feels natural rather than trying to create something that’s not there.

You recorded your upcoming EP with Wrighteous Mike at Gloryvale Studios. What has it been like working with Mike when can we expect the EPs release?

It’s always such a pleasure working with Michael. We recorded Aminals with him and after that experience, it felt as though we really had found our guy. He’s got an incredible understanding of music and in particular the sort of sound that we going for so we always value his input and devotion towards whatever we put forward. That sneaky little EP is waiting patiently…ready to pounce just at the right time. But yes, give us a couple of weeks and all will be revealed.

It’s been almost three years since you performed at #NothingMajor at Amuse Café. A lot has changed in that short space, what has been the most exciting occurrence for BOXER in that time?

Sho. Where to even start. There’s been the privilege of playing numerous festival shows, hearing our songs on the radio and being able to work alongside some of the most talented folk in the business. If we had to whittle it down though, it would certainly be the fact that we’ve watched one of our own events, DANK, grow from strength to strength. That’s always been such a pleasure. Plus we’d never get to see Jake in girls clothing if we weren’t in a band. Also, such a pleasure.

You’re working on a track with The Tazers for #NothingMajor. Can you tell us anything about this track and what it’s like working with The Tazers?

Well now that would just be giving it away. We’ve obviously played alongside The Tazers on many occasions and it’s always proven to be such an epic combination of sounds and atmosphere from both bands that the chance to actually work on a track together was too good to turn down. Expect fire.

What can be expected of your performance at #NothingMajor?

It’ll be our first Kitcheners gig in ages and we fuckin love those shows, so expect it all. In your face. Showing no regard for your little bubble of privacy. We wanna get hot and sweaty with you.

How many takes did it take for you to land the monkey hole in your #ciggywars with We Are Charlie?

A magician never reveals his tricks. Ok, it took 27 tries. But some of those don’t count because Jake didn’t always call it the monkey hole. There was the peruvian back rub, pams poitjie palace… a few that made us laugh to hard to concentrate.

Did the 31 000 views on that video get you any new fans?

Absolutely. We had peeps from new Zealand all the way to Ohio sharing that vid so it really did turn out well in terms of creating some online awareness. We’re just kakking ourselves now to see We Are Charlie’s response. Surely they can’t top that? Gulp.



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