Interview with Ruby Burton


We chat to the multi-medium performer Ruby Burton following the release of her music video for ‘Shiver’

For those who do not know Ruby Burton, tell us about who you are?

Cape Town born and bread. Daughter of a jazz singer/actor and a paint technique artist. Sister to a soccer player/actor/sneaker freak/barrister. Grew up on the soaps of Devils Peak. I started dancing/performing at a young age and sang with my dad at his gigs from a young age. My first love is dancing, I love music and above all I’m in my element when I’m creating.

In your latest music video ‘Shiver’, your sound has a unique approach. Tell us a bit about the process behind your composing and inspiration behind your music?

Honestly, I just write from a vulnerable place and see what comes out. I’ve never really been as particular with my singing then I have been with my dancing. It’s always a very natural approach when it comes to my music. I don’t force it. Life is abundant, I try let it just come to me, I write about being a short girl, to how in life you have to learn to let go often, to connections with people, to the way the sun makes me feel, to heartbreak to worldly disasters. Whatever catches my attention.

What was it like filming the music video and what were you trying to capture?

I was trying to capture a sense of escaping. Escaping the chaos and finding a quiet place where we can create honestly. Where only myself, the other artist Chester Martinez and our soulful connection for movement mattered. I had the best time creating this. I had no outside help. I funded the project, we all worked together to create something special.

What does the future hold for you as a growing music artist?

I hope it’s full of performances, lots of learning, tons of traveling and collaborating.



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