A rare opportunity to chat with SA’s top creatives by Glenfiddich and Design Indaba


Want to get to know Dope Saint Jude better? Here’s an innovative way to do so

In collaboration with Glenfiddich, Design Indaba is giving the public an opportunity to interview South Africa’s top creatives through their new series, Chat With. The interviews are in an interactive video form on Design Indaba’s website. They are structured in a way that you can choose questions to ask the creatives.

The latest creative featured in the series is producer, rapper and gender activist, Dope Saint Jude. Among other interesting things, Dope Saint Jude answers some questions relating to her dreams and aspirations, her secrets, her friends, her upbringing and her latest EP, Reimagine. Each section of the interview is further broken down into smaller subheadings where she lets us deeper into her world.

For your chance to interview Dope Saint Jude, head over to http://www.designindaba.com/videos/interviews/chat-dope-saint-jude


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