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Nothing Major alumni BOXER have released their new EP Aminals. By now a lot of you should know who BOXER is and have probably seen them live if not; have you been living under a fucking rock? We managed to get an interview with the four badass guys from BOXER about their new EP and their upcoming events.


What was the inspiration for your new album Animals; and the idea behind the album cover?

Well first off, it’s Aminals. Everyone thinks it’s a typo, but the truth is it was Jake trying to say “animals” whilst being pretty well lit-up. We were like ‘Aminals!’ – And it just seemed to stick.

The album cover is the truth behind the album. I guess it’s an album that’s been written in and amongst some of the best, craziest and most memorable times with our friends and fans. So we figured what’s better than an album cover that shows our favourite people. Aren’t we all frikken aminals?

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Probably a liger, bred for our skills and magic.

DANK has grown since the first event you guys launched. Do you think everyone is just taking advantage of the R10 tequila?

Maybe… probably. I mean DANK came out of us asking ourselves “what would be a rad party that we’d dig to go to?”

So it’s really an event that pays homage to you guys, just to have a rad time that doesn’t mean paying an arm and a leg for live music. DANK isn’t just about the cheap tequila or R10 entrance fee, it’s about creating an experience that opens doors to new music and new cultures that connects people to music.

You guys will be playing at Splashy Fen and Lush Festival, it’s going to be an epic road trip, are you guys planning on doing a documentary of all your adventures?

Now there’s an idea! With Ari working in film and Just being a fan of photography, we always try to document all of our trips but it’s most certainly easier said than done when there is so much going on around you. But we always make sure there is at least a camera with the record button on – for better or worse.

We’ve heard some rumours that you guys might plan an overseas trip, where will you go and are you amped to experience it?

Who’s the rat? Haha, we’re trying hard to make something happen. It’s exactly that, I think we’re amped for new fans and new places. We love that we get to play music to people and make them dance, and I guess the chance to do that somewhere new – especially overseas – is epic.

What’s the funniest thing that happened at a gig or on the road?

One moment that has to stand out is having Justin find an unidentified cuddle buddy in his tent at Smoking Dragon – at 4am on New Year’s morning. Once we had established the guy wasn’t dead – we certainly had our fun before waking him from his slumber. We think he’s probably still wandering somewhere around central Drakensberg looking for his name.

Tell us about your next show and why we should be there?

Well… the next show is indeed DANK. Now obviously we urge you to take advantage of the R10 tequila but there’s also some of the raddest live acts in town, for what is definitely the cheapest entrance fee there is. If you’ve been before then you’ll know it’s a great time, if you haven’t, you know what to do


Follow BOXER on bandcamp where they’ll be releasing the EP on the 19th and catch them playing live at DANK tomorrow with Splashy Fen and LUSH to follow next weekend.




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