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Unravelling the Strait Jackals
Strait Jackal premiered their much anticipated self-titled first album at Hard Rock Café earlier this month and The Fuss was there to celebrate and get a little lunatic with them. After a copious amount of beers entered Strait Jackal’s system, as well as our own, we sat down with them and had a rather drunk and chaotic interview which composed of: The situation in Ukraine, Tussilinct Linctus Cough Syrup from Clicks and cuddles.
Strait Jackal

Everything has a beginning, so in regards to Strait Jackal, when was the point where you guys were like ‘Hey let’s start a fucking band and see what happens’?

Well we were standing in the crowd at Oppikoppi Sweet Thing a couple of years ago, watching Enter Shikari play their set, and we basically just thought “it would be cool to maybe do something like that” and next thing you know we’re all sitting together deciding on a name.
It’s amazing how the whole idea to start a band was just a random drunk idea and now here you guys are, releasing your first album. You guys have been around for quite some time though yeah? Which other venues have you performed at?
We’ve been around for some time performing random gigs throughout Joburg and Pretoria. Our most noted gigs have been at Railways Café, Arcade Empire, Rumours and now Hard Rock Café.
Strait Jackal as a sound and as a band are pretty eccentric. Describe Strait Jackal in less than 5 words.
Funk for Your Ass and Gansgter Country Reggae. Not too sure if that counts as less than 5 words but fuck it. We also like cuddles. So there’s that.
I think that might be the first time we’ve heard a description like that but okay we’ll go with it! Speaking of country, what are your thoughts on the Ukraine crisis?
Honestly, Ukraine was pretty chilled and okay before Russia got involved and fucked everything up. America and Obama should just blow Russia with a bunch of weapons. That’s our drunk opinion. Maybe ask us again tomorrow, our opinion will probably change.
That might work out, minus the chances of a world war occurring.
Here’s a better idea: Apple Industries buys Ukraine and changes the name to Ikraine. That could work.Not too sure whether those ideas are the absolute best or perhaps the epitome of disastrous and really bad. What are you guys drinking tonight?

Well Josh [lead vocalist]is drinking Tussilinct Linctus Cough Syrup which he bought from Clicks a couple days ago and the rest of us are drinking beer, from the bar, which we bought right now.

That seems like a pretty good combination: Cough syrup from Clicks and beer. Now, your album art is fucking cool, we have to know, who is the illustrator and designer?

We love our album art, it’s the main element which really pulls the whole album together. The illustrator is a really talented guy named Eilo The Illustrator, he did the design for the whole album.

Lastly, where can we see you perform again?

On the 18th of April 5, 2015 we’ll be performing at Dagga Day at Carfax in Newtown Joburg.

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