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Watch Thor Rixon’s latest music video “fuk bread”

Through his work as the “head of vibes” at naasMUSIC and as a producer, Thor Rixon, has been involved behind the scenes of some of the freshest acts in South Africa. The peculiar artist has worked alongside all sorts including SOL GEMS, Petite Noir, Nonku Phiri, and Alice Phoebe Lou; whose only shared characteristic is that they are all musicians. It’s easy to forget that Thor makes his own music, but I also struggle to imagine where he finds all the time to do this.

 Thor Rixon is no mere mortal. The mystics view of time is one of infinite oneness and potentiality that found him capitalizing on the potential to work on his third album amid everything else he has been up to. The album is called Songs From The Bath and it’s his third album in as many years. “fuk bread” is the lead single off the album.

The performance art video sees Thor – with the help of some of his favourite artists – exterminate that which has come to define him: his image. It seems for Thor the only constant is change and the lead single off Songs From The Bath is a definite departure from Tea Time Favourites.

The evolution in his sound is mirrored in the video where his beard, dreadlocks, and eyebrows – his defining physical characteristics – are shaved off by Amy Lester, Jana Babez, Siya Ngcobo, and Matt Rightford. It’s a statement which suggests that Thor understands the impermanence of body and image in a society where it is highly exalted. The transformation in the performance is completed by Baden Noir who tattoos “fuk bread” onto the back of Thors head. An indication of how firmly Thor believes in what he is saying about our dietary choices, the tattoo also lends itself to the bigger picture of impermanence – it will fade too as his hair grows until it eventually disappears when his body dematerialises.

The prolific producer takes inspiration from all his influences and experiences of the digital age, chakras, the universe, healthy eating, self creation and destruction; to give us the dramatic “fuk bread”. Free of verbose superlatives and illusions of grandeur, Thor expresses vividly his desire for us to stop killing ourselves and be in singularity with our minds, our bodies, and our souls.

It starts with what we put in our mouths.

Or maybe I’m just talking bullshit. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

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