Introducing #TheFussPrints


Preserving Memories with Ink and Paper

At The Fuss, we have been blogging about the local music scene for almost four years in support of our mission to create further interest in and excitement for South African musical talent. Within that period, photography has played an integral role by adding a visual dimension to our storytelling.

The words we write set the foundation and the supporting photography galvanises that depiction by actually showing our audience still moments from the event. Photography makes for a much more interesting and engaging form of storytelling which is why we get more engagement when we post content which includes imagery or photography across our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. People find it easier to relate to photos.

Photography in the digital context has played a priceless role with a wealth of pros, but the con has always been the ephemeral nature of photography in the social media environment. We post photos across our social channels and the engagements last for around a week with the photo never to be revisited again after that first week. Some call it the digital graveyard.

These cons were explored in projects by Pete Ashton and Erik Kessels. Pete Ashton focused on what posting an image online does to the quality of an image by posting the same image onto Instagram 90 times. Erik Kessels explored the noise and the immense scale of the amount of images posted online by printing every photo posted on Flickr on a 24 hour period.

When HP contacted us to collaborate on the launch of their Lhasa printer, the first idea was to feature our favourite live music photographers and get them to print their favourite images for inclusion in our book. That is how #TheFussPrints came about.

They loaned us the DeskJet Ink Advantage 3785 printer for a few days and we got to work right away. It was quite promising that HP was able to fit printing, scanning and copying functionality into such a petite and sleek design, but the most exciting feature for us was the ability to print directly from your smartphone.

For the first episode of #TheFussPrints we got Brooklyn Pakathi into studio with a few of his favourite music related photographs. Watch #TheFussPrints below, let us know who we should feature in the next episode and find out more about DeskJet below.

#TheFussPrints was produced in collaboration with HP for the launch of their DeskJet Ink Advantage 3785 all-in-one printer. Save space and money and print wirelessly with the world’s smallest all-in-one printer. Get ink cartridges at a low cost and all the power you need in this amazing, compact style printer. Print, scan, and copy from virtually any mobile device. Find out more about the printer here and locate a store to purchase the DeskJet Ink Advantage at the recommended retail pricing of R1399 here.


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