ByLwansta releases DIY visuals for ‘NORMVL Still”


Absolutely extranormal

Durban based rapper ByLwansta released one of our favourite hip-hop projects of 2016 titled Your Absolutely Right. ‘Sigh’ off the project was featured on #TheFussList and the track sees an aggrieved Lwansta laying it all in the bars scrutinizing music journalists and MTV for not providing his music coverage because it doesn’t fit the mould of what’s commercially popping.

‘NORMVL Still’ off Your Absolutely Right continues with the same sentiments of ‘Sigh’ inspired by his 2014 Mixtape NORMVL and it’s accompanying concept of non-conformity. The track tells of how even in the face of opinions which suggest he conform in order to reach success, he remains true to self and his perspective. He is still the same normvl of 2014 which is anything but the commercial norm. The tracks witty hook sees Lwansta sarcastically telling the birds in his ears that they are absolutely right about him needing to conform.

“[NORMVL Still] is a response to all the external pressure I’ve received over the last three years, with humans both in my immediate circle and those I’ve never even met, insisting – with pure intentions – that the future and success of my music career is purely dependent on my decision to eventually make popular music, pop, and by pop I mean trap music, and by trap music I mean what everyone’s making.”

Lwansta, a multimedia design student, directed, filmed and edited the visuals for ‘NORMVL Still’ himself. The chroma keying techniques used in the video allowed Lwansta to create a space in which he visualises his perspective and allows the user to see into his mind both literally and figuratively. Candid, witty and free of misogyny.




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