Little Gig: A distraction from the mundane


Where your innermost curiosities and senses come alive

Escapism. Is it a quiet rock with a book, a soft breeze and the freedom of solitude. A sound bite sampling your most primal self with the world? A choreographed movement being compiled in your head as you walk with the breath of a beast and the moves of a pixie? Is it the outfit you curated in your head as you woke from your pillow and dreamt up its timeline and the responses it would receive as you stepped into different orbits, or the culinary tools you shape the food that consumes your biological being of consciousness. For Littlegig, it is everything: the engagement of fantasy and daydreams, where your innermost curiosities and senses come alive in the thick of every moment in a 24-hour period of time where each guest is invited into a paradise that brings the artistry of creativity alive.

Outlined by it’s offerings, Littlegig have set up a forest day stage, a festival fashion concept store, a tropical bass bar, a basketball court, art car and gin bar. Keeping the pulse and frequency savvy and accessible, they have thought of a layout that sets each and every visitor a successful experience. For musicians, this all encompassing festival is one giant stage to share their sounds, personas, charisma, stage garments and themselves in a setting that is curated to support the arts in all its contours.

Shaping the music for a landscape of sound and serenity, with dancing, swaying or sitting as your go-to version of your festival self, you can expect a cross-pollination of genre, mood and personality. Band-wise, you can expect the diversity of musicians the Western Cape is known for. Whether it’s with your inner gypsy Ann Jangle, the contemporary youthful energy of Diamond Thug, the reminiscence of ska-friendly pioneers The Rudimentals, Dream Noise duo Medicine Boy or heavyweight ruler in voice and song, Zaki Ibrahim, you’re in for a treat every step of the way.

With an endless line-up of DJ’s,Culoe De Song and DJ Invizable already come with an existing audience, Steampunk DJ Eppelsauce will bring the colour and edge, and introducing his gumbo funk from Brooklyn, Captain Planet will give the dancefloor some velvety gyrating connections.

So as you take your journey of dancing, eating, drinking, shopping, swimming and discovering, let these soundscapes be the playlist whilst creating new memories.



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