Medicine Boy – I Miss Sleeping So Much


Watch The Lastest video from Medicine Boy for “I Miss Sleeping So Much”

The track begins with a soothing harmonic collective of female voices. Its greying background captivates the echoes, while Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo allow Capetonian filmmaker and photographer Adriaan Louw to capture their movements on an average, but united day in Amsterdam. To work with people from back home must be such a privilege, so when local favourites Roxy and Helen from Heroine, as well as Byrony, Kruger’s sister, appeared on the track, nothing more but vitality and zest for each other was felt in the song.

“I miss sleeping so much” is the anti-quote. It’s a reality most musicians and artists experience when on tour. However, not sleeping, leads to daydreaming, and daydreaming has led them to the experience of a European tour. This tour, that the fans from back home, watch in wonder, of their talent and awe for another moment, another feeling to take back to their city.

Here, two parts of Medicine Boy find their comfort as they travel by and experience the nuances and atmosphere of a city unbeknown to home. This video is simple, in the most humble of ways. As they walk, you can feel the comfort they have gained in travelling and the insight to travel further and spread their songs. The water glimmers and Louw observes people walk and retain their relationships.

Some of the lyrics go on to say they are sick of feeling sick and tired and feel the pressures of living, but as it is all wrapped up, allowing us to view their moments throughout the video and feel the weight of the song, all that I can focus on is how content they look. If you have been paying attention to their Instagram feed, you will notice they end the video off with one of their signature Polaroid shots, becoming, and being a boy and a girl playing music around the world.

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