Music Video | Sutherland – Everything & Everyone


Nothing Major alumni, Sutherland, have released a music video for their single, Everything & Everyone.

A year since the release of their first video, Everything & Everyone continues, aesthetically, where the live session for Lost left off with a DIY backyard session feel. Initially struggling to come up with a concept for the video, Mike Sutherland, says they “really just wanted it to be a fun video to watch”.

As an innocent and pure kid, not much is more fun than a blanket fort. The playful and childlike scenes in the video lend themselves to the themes covered in the song. “[Everything & Everyone] is about how so many people these days are too quick to judge and how they don’t give people and ideas the time of day to find out what’s really going on. But it basically comes down to how kids are a lot less likely to pass judgment on a first impression. They aren’t bothered by silly things and just want to be friends with everyone.”

The video, shot in two days, was directed by Michael Rosenfeldt with assistance from the bands manager and photographer, Duncan Errington.

Download Everything & Everyone here

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