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We Are Charlie release a new single, Tom and Jerry.

Having featured their previous release, Hey Friendas our track of the week a couple of months ago, We Are Charlie are back with another high energy indie bopper.

The trio from Pretoria make no self-serving claims about being the next greatest act or the band that is going to change the entire musical landscape in South Africa. For Dylan, Row, and Wes, it’s all about having fun creating music you can bop your head to. “We had a lot of fun writing [Tom and Jerry]. Our mind set about it was trying something more ‘dance-y’ and catchy.”

It’s hard to break through all the clutter in our saturated indie market, but We Are Charlie has found a combination which works. Tom and Jerry entered the Tuks FM top 30 chart at number 28 over the weekend. This was their second entry on the chart with Hey Friend having reached the number one spot earlier this year.

Tom and Jerry is the first single off the bands upcoming ‘Yard Sale’ EP which they plan to release towards the end of November. We Are Charlie describes the song as one of the more jovial and upbeat songs on the EP. “It doesn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning. It’s about being crazy and how it’s rad and appealing but can also cause issues at times if a person can’t handle ‘the heat’.”

Recorded by David Grevler at Antimotion Studios.


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