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The Ts & Cs release debut music video, “Figure You Out“.

So the resurgence of the ‘indie’ rock and roll scene continues. It seems over the past months we’ve seen all of the latest entrants to the Johannesburg scene collectively releasing tracks, EPs, and music videos—perhaps a changing of the guard?

The Ts and Cs is one of those bands. 2014 saw the indie-crunch quartet introduce their project online with the release of the jaunty but brash “Ryan Seacrest” on Soundcloud. Since then, the band has been refining their craft performing regularly on the Joburg circuit—as restricted as it may be. In the short time they’ve been around the band has managed to establish themselves on the circuit having played alongside PLUSH, aKing, Van Coke Kartel, Shadowclub, and The Black Cat Bones.

Amongst all the performing the band has been working on their debut EP. Last week they released their debut music video, “Figure You Out”, which is the first release off their upcoming EP which is yet to be titled. There is no specific release date for the EP, but I’ll assume that “early 2015” means that we should see the EP released sometime in the next couple of weeks.

The video, which had no budget, gives us an eye into the everyday adventures of the Ts and Cs. From Baz’s smooth parking lot dance moves, to Wally simply enjoying a steak; the video provides an unadulterated view of the group—alongside your quintessential rock and roll band antics and imagery.

The lyrics for “Figure You Out” are based on a time when Baz was single and frequented Greenside. There was a particular girl who caught his eye and the songs tells of the game of cat and mouse between the two and his attempts at courting this girl. From my understanding the animations in the video are closely connected to this back and forth between a boy and girl—In my personal connections with females it sometimes feels like the terms and conditions of figuring them out involves me shooting lasers out of my eyes.


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