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In anticipation of the next instalment of #NothingMajor we chat to Moonchild Sanelly to discuss the unreleased project which defined her sound, performing overseas and what to expect from her performance

moonchild sanelly

Not many people know about the unreleased Time Travellers Playlist which you’ve noted as defining your sound. Tell us more about this project and your mindset going into it.

That was a time when I started wanting to create my own signature. A time when I stopped listening to anyone that I could be compared to. It’s a time when I let my imagination come to song and was encouraged to be myself. A time when I decided – “I’ll be remembered for being Moonchild Sanelly!”. That’s when I played with music as if it was a childhood toy and I remembered from then onwards to always have fun with it. No rules. Just me.

Thereafter, you released your debut full-length, Rabulapha!, which fused a variety genres including kwaito, jazz, house and hip-hop. How do you ensure you sound is cohesive and authentic when blending different genres which maybe don’t naturally synergise?

I think because those genres were injected into me and really moved me, my general feeling is that the fusion (e)merged with what I chose to listen to. This resulted in what has become known as my signature sound. I’m definitely not one to copy, but I love the art of reinvention because that’s how you are able to own shit. For instance; my hair is legally patented because I managed to popularise something that I grew up doing naturally.

One of your latest tracks, ‘Guestlist’ sees you collaborating with Sketchy Bongo and Aewon Wolf exploring the pop-leaning territories in your own way. How did the collaboration come about?

I literally hollered at my homey Sketchy on Instagram. He hollered back and we hit the studio. It helped that we love each other’s work and respect each other’s artistry. In this way, I really value social media for its multiplying effects as well as the ability to be able to reach out to other artists and fans with seemingly less of a communication barrier.

Can you share anything with us about your next album? What can fans expect from it and when?

OMG! Collabos from Japan to Joburg! Jack Parow, Rudeboyz, The Kiffness and a secret project in Switzerland to name a few. I’m working with Redbull Studios – they always have my back. We will be dropping soon. I’m heading to Cape Town after the show to finalise projects.

You were recently in Spain to perform at Primavera for the second time. Did you find any language barriers to restrict the message in your music at all and how did the crowds that side receive your performance?

It’s insane! At some points, I was overcome by moments of joyful tears. I was amazed at how many people from last year still remember me that side. There I was on the festival flyers from the countdown of Primavera, as well as being featured on their promotional billboards. The crowd is amazing. The networking is amazing. The openness to new good music is amazing. The energy. So inspiring. I’m determined to go again next year. After my shows, I had fans and promoters tweeting me that saying I am always welcome to rock them.

What can be expected of your performance at #Nothing Major?

I’m gonna premiere some new music. My set is going to flow from my older material into my newer stuff. Energy galore as usual. Party, party, party!

Do you have a favourite track when it comes to interpreting your music for a live performance?

‘Cut the Cake’, ‘Rabubi’ and ‘Go Sterring’ usually get them dancing.

Catch Moonchild Sanelly performing at #NothingMajor on the 29th of June at Kitcheners in Braam. RSVP.

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