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Bye Beneco is Bergen Nielson (drums/guitar), Lenny-Dee Doucha (vocals/guitar), Jenny Dison (vocals/percussion) and Matthew Watson (drums/percussion/guitar). The experimental folk de-constructors recently released their debut album, Space Elephant, with Just Music. In anticipation of their performance at Park Acoustics on the 1st of June we spoke with the band discussing their debut album, their swift rise to prominence and what to expect from their performance at Park Acoustics. Nothing Major.

Fuss Nothing Major Bye Beneco

Photo Courtesy of The Famous Frouws

The Fuss – What is the story behind the name? How did you come to calling your project Bye Beneco and what significance does it hold?

Bye Beneco – The name has almost no relevance to anything at all. It allows us to have a bit of fun with silly stories of where it might have come from. It’s always been a strange thing.


The Fuss – You’ve recently released your debut album, Space Elephant, but take us back to the founding of your group. When and what inspired you to launch this musical venture?

Bye Beneco – We started round about 2 years ago, but had the intention to start the band as far back as 4 of 5 years ago. We had jams with different people on and off, and eventually it all came together in our guitarists lounge. We were all good friends and all loved similar music in different ways. It was just a good combination of people and ideas. We all knew it felt right, and it was time to make it happen. We started performing straight away. It was manic. We had close to no idea what we were doing, but we were excited at the prospect and simply threw ourselves into the deep end.


The Fuss – You introduced your group with a 3 track demo early 2013. Later, in the same year, Bye Beneco went on to play Oppikoppi and sign with Just Music. How was the journey and did you expect things to move so quickly considering your distinct sound?

Bye Beneco – It has been a surprise to get so many shows and good responses so soon. We might have thought that the sound would be attractive to people, at the very least for it’s experimental nature, but we also felt like we were making something that wasn’t similar to much else here. For that reason we had no way of knowing if the music would be well received. We don’t think it mattered though. We just wanted to make songs and perform them. Everything has been really enjoyable and fun so far.

Fuss Nothing Major Space Elephant

The Fuss – Explain this distinct sound and the concept of your debut album – referencing the genres, artists and overall ideals which influence your aesthetic?

Bye Beneco – We’ve decided to stop trying to list our genres. It lands up sounding vague. Each song is different to the next. A lot of the direction in the sound has to do with Lenny-Dee’s vocal style. She has a way of ‘personalising’ the tracks. The distinctness of the sound and the approach is something that is happening viscerally between us though, and the product is something that is difficult to rationalise. We’re lucky it comes out sounding alright.


The Fuss – There is a clear progression in Space Elephant which has seen you dabbling with electronic elements. Are there any local electronic artists whom you follow or would consider collaborating with?

Bye Beneco – Christian Tiger School and DriftPrism are the answers to that question. Right now atleast.


The Fuss – We notice an effort to steer clear of commercial sounds in your music. Is this a deliberate action and why did you choose to do so?

Bye Beneco – Yes. Definitely deliberate. There’s a lot of safe music out there. We just wanted to do something different. It’s as simple as that.


The Fuss – Your last official music video release was the video for, On The Line, which we feel was the perfect visual accompaniment to the music and aesthetic. Are there any plans to release more music videos in the near future?

Bye Beneco – Yes, we’re in the planning phase for our second video now. We won’t say who with or what of just yet. Keep an eye out though.

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Photo Courtesy of The Famous Frouws

The Fuss – You’re playing Park Acoustics next on what is arguably the best line-up they have compiled throughout their existence. Which of the performances will you be lending your presence as fans?

Bye Beneco – It is a rad line up, we’re excited. There are so many, Im sure we’ll be trying to catch all of it.


The Fuss – What can the picnickers expect from your performance?

Bye Beneco –Musical ADHD and an awkward stage presence.. We’ll be playing 1 or 2 new songs that we’ve hardly performed. As well as some fresh revisits to some of our established material. ROCK ‘N ROLL.

Bye Beneco | Park Acoustics


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