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In anticipation for the next instalment of Nothing Major we chatted with the young lads from The Goldilox Zone to discuss the distance of the earth from the sun, the history of The Goldilox Zone, as well as their debut EP, Bump In The Night, which is due for release towards the end of May.

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The Fuss – Kindly introduce us to each of the members of the Goldilox Zone and let us know what each of you are up to outside of being involved with the Goldilox Zone?

The Goldilox Zone – Our band consists of Jarred Wood, bass and lead vocals, Zaki Mamdoo, rhythm guitar and back vocals, Eli Smith, lead guitar and Ciaran de Chaud, drums and backing vocals. We also feature, Ethan Traub, who joins us as elemental rap.

The Fuss – Explain to us when, how and why you all came together to create what is now The Goldilox Zone?

The Goldilox Zone – We all came together as The Goldilox Zone in 2011 thanks to a guy by the name of Tim Hendricks. He was Eli and Zaki’s guitar teacher at the time and he needed some musicians to play a social gig. After playing the gig it was clearly evident that we had stumbled upon something special and so it had been decided that we were to become ‘The Goldilox Zone.’ We are all laid back guys who have a passion for music and change.

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The Fuss – We did some research and discovered, to our surprise, that the Goldilox Zone is an “area of space in which a planet is just the right distance from its home star so that its surface is neither too hot nor too cold” – like earth. Would you mind telling why you chose this as your band name and whether the title has any special significance to yourselves?

The Goldilox Zone – Look up at night. What do you see?.. Stars. Billions and billions of tiny little gassy specs just like our sun, floating around in the vast cosmos with endless possibilities and wonders… And people honestly believe “we are alone”. The name, ‘The Goldilox Zone’, was chosen so that people would realize the truth about the origins of life and ultimately, existence. Without The Goldilox Zone there is no existence.

The Fuss – Describe the style of music your band makes – referencing some of the artists who have influenced you to create this style of music?

The Goldilox Zone – We play a very interesting powerful genre. It is like a mix between alternative/blues rock and indie rock. Some of our heavy influences include ALT-J, Arctic Monkeys, Foals and RHCP.

The Fuss -An interesting ingredient in your fusion of sound is hip-hop. Who are some of your favourite hip hop acts and are there any rock-hip-hop crossover acts whom you have taken your cue from?

The Goldilox Zone –Hip Hop is a very unique genre in itself based on a beat and rhythm which we enjoy. Some of the many hip hop artists we enjoy are Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Flat Bush Zombies. We chose to incorporate Ethan with elemental rap because we appreciate hip-hop.

The Fuss – You have gone through you fair share of battle of the bands. How has your participation in these events helped you as a band?

The Goldilox Zone – Playing many Battles around South Africa (mainly the Carling Black Label and Klipdrift battles) has certainly helped in the growth and development of our band. We believe that playing gigs is the best way to practice.

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The Fuss – We understand that you’ve just sent you’re recordings through for mixing and mastering. Would you care to tell us about the release and the recording process – Where did you record and how long was the process?

The Goldilox Zone – We decided to lay out tracks down over four days this past week. We recorded with some great guys at Wired studios in Parktown who have produced many artists like Kelly Clarkson and Shortstraw. We recorded a 5 song Ep to kick off our album. The title of the album is ‘Bump in the Night‘ and the EP includes the song , Bump in the Night. It is due for release at the end of May.

The Fuss – Tell us what the fans can expect from you at Nothing Major in terms of your live performance and how it is different from the recordings you plan to release?

The Goldilox Zone – The Fans can expect a great time at amuse with some amazing, funky, awesome acts. There will be a vast diversity of genres which everyone can look forward to. We are all super stoked!

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