Park Acoustics begins the end of the year with a BANG


Soon… Come… 2017


There is something about every last Park Acoustics of the year; it is like you are saying goodbye to an old friend and know that the next time you see each other, it will be like a new adventure where you have to get to know each other all over again.

Walking into the dusty venue and seeing some very familiar faces, I got excited to head over to see Desmond and The Tutus. The past 11 years has been quite a journey for the band, not seeing any member changes and composing some kickass songs, but there comes a time in everyone’s life where you have to let go of fun. Saturday was the last time we saw the beautiful bass player, Nic, play alongside Desmond and The Tutus as he will be going on his own adventure overseas.  Let’s hope that the fellows can find someone to replace the ever so legendary bass player that can follow his footsteps.

Mango Groove captured the hearts of all the fans and continue to maintain their fan base over the years. The two highlights for me were “Special Star”, perhaps their biggest hit, and “Dance Sum More”. This really got the audience on their feet. The whole show was spectacular and there was always so much energy going on stage. As the thunder began to build up in the distance, it was time for some much needed rain, as Pretoria does tend to get really hot. People scattered for shelter to stay dry.

The Movember Foundation hosted a Silent Disco over at the Griet stage. Also known as a silent rave, people danced to music that you listen to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, the music was broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers, where you could choose to listen to one of three different stations. At first I found it really awkward, dancing around and not knowing what the rest of the crowd is listening to, but afterwards I realized that I will definitely find myself at another Silent Disco whenever one pops up again.

The Bobbejaan Street Theatre was honestly the highlight of the evening, for me at least. With bands such as the Make-Overs, Raygun Royale and Black Math, it felt like I was watching a show at the ever so popular Bohemian. Make-Overs tend to grow on you, with their strange trashpop-garage-punk music, they are definitely a band you need to check out if you find yourself at an event where they are playing.

Heading over to the Grietfest stage, all the true fans gathered for some much needed PHfat. With a strong start, they turned the sensual energy brought by Grimehouse into a raw, dirty and sexy sound that commanded your body to move like it was dropping bombs with every downbeat. PHfat is a local electronic rap combo that produces the freshest, most unparalleled menagerie of sounds.

As Park Acoustics continues to put together an epic line-up, it has become some sort of a ritual, for some at least, to attend Park Acoustic every last Sunday of the month. Being some of the last to leave, again, I find myself still smiling at the fact that Park Acoustics always get it right to bring you the party of the year. Till we meet again my dear friend.



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