Phizicist summons the macabre with ‘Beyond The Walls Of Sleep’


Mad Science

It’s easy to identify Phizicist as a drum and bass producer, but the label comes short in describing the expansive nature of the music he creates. For anyone to call hims a drum and bass producer feels lazy, so I steer clear of not labelling him within any specific genre of electronic music, because his abilities are not limited to a single genre of electronic music.

In the same way physics attempts to understand how the universe behaves through the analysis of matter and its movement through space and time, Phizicist’s music too is complex and multifaceted. His narrative is a labyrinth of sound designed to immerse the senses with elements of electronica that encompasses ambient, drum and bass, future beats and glitch.

The mad sonic scientist teased his sophomore album with a clip of the techy ‘Inappropriate’ featuring Mono_Sono, released on his Soundcloud late last year. All was revealed about the album last week with the release of a minimix and ‘Beyond The Walls Of Sleep’. The album titled Macabre is a conceptual horror themed project which will see a staggered released over the coming weeks on the Upscale imprint.

‘Beyond The Walls Of Sleep’ is a cinematic introduction led by an inquisitive piano melody and sweeping stringed instruments. The opening scene to a sonic film scored by Phizicist, ‘Beyond The Walls Of Sleep’ lulls you to a slumber which is to be a followed by vivid nightmare – disjointed and filled with raw impulse.


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