Thor Rixon: a different angle


‘Don’t ask me about’ it web series kicks off with local music producer

The key to an interview is to prepare and cover enough questions that give you a glimpse into the subject.

The key to a great interview: provoke, trigger, query the the absurd, open the space and let the dialogue flow.

This is exactly Rob Smith’s sentiment when it came to his passion project web series “Don’t Ask Me About Music”  featuring Cape Town based music producer Thor Rixon.

In every portrait of a muso, the generic questions like “what does music mean to you?” are asked, and inevitably get the same clichéd answers.

In working completely against that notion, Rob decided that these films would discuss everything except the expected, getting a unique insight into the artist’s day to day life.

Their only brief to Thor was to answer the questions as seriously and thoughtfully as he could, no matter how random and absurd they seemed: which is exactly what he did.

We can’t seem to decipher which part is more bizarre. Part 1 has Thor hugged up in his room where it showcases tidbits of where he sleeps, what art he picked up, how big his jacket collection is, how he enjoys his breakfast and a practice in downward facing dog. Part 2 follows Thor back home where he shares an excerpt of his life growing up on the farm, a flashback to his drawings as a kid and how his stance on aliens had changed.  Now, more than just what he does, Rob has created a steady amount of insight into who he is.

In its wry manner, Rob manages to best capture a guy who largely exists in the music and youth culture sects, giving us insight into the personality that is Thor Rixon.




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