Please mister can we have some money for our troubles? NO!


So here’s the thing,

International act? We bow to you oh all-powerful, obviously superior band. We shall spare no expense in making sure your every desire is met, we shall even get on our knees and perform oral sex for you if this be your wish, for you are from the overseas.

Local band? You! If we must we’ll grant you the favour of playing for free. This means we will treat you like shit because you are so pathetic you’ll actually play for free. Wanna sell merch to compensate for the fact that you’re playing for free? Ok but we’ll take a cut. Want a bar tab? No, you are worthless and undeserving of such things.

What’s wrong with the music industry? The fact that you can be any fucker from overseas and get more respect than our local acts. Showing no desire to support local musicians is just plain messed up. Do you have any idea how well perceived our local musicians are overseas? This country has a huge inferiority complex.

Open your eyes (and ears) to the multitude of talent that’s right on your doorstep. Go out, hit the streets, become a discerning listener, be an individual. Support local talent. Here’s a neat trick to help you out, imagine for a moment you don’t live in SA, are you imagining it? Good, now see that every band from SA immediately becomes an ‘international’ act. That’s right the unique sounds wafting off the southern tip of africa are about as badass as you could get internationally speaking.

In follow up to my last post, if you receive a dick pick with our logo emblazoned across the length of a penis, with a measuring tape next it for good measure (har har) then it’s safe to assume that we won’t be performing at your event.

 The above was originally posted by Cortina Whiplash on their fan page


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