Protest The Hero Return Tour


Protest The Hero

Johannesburg | Pretoria | Cape Town

24th April – 02nd May, 2015

Last year saw Turning Tricks Entertainment host Protest The Hero for the event company’s annual edition of Krank’d Up Festival. Well into 2015 and TTE are proud to announce the return of Protest The Hero, stopping at four venues across the country including Cape Town.

We asked a few members of local bands supporting the Canadian powerhouse, an assortment of whimsical and light-hearted questions concerning the tour.




Share your thoughts on being added to the PTH bill?

“We are absolutely honored to be put on a bill with such stalwarts of progressive music. And to be doing it with our label buddies Raptorbaby is just the cream of the crop. We are going to have to put up a real special show to make the most of this opportunity. We will not disappoint. It will still be the 100% pork you know and love.”


Paul – Raptorbaby

If Protest The Hero were a Dinosaur, what Dino would they be?

“Oviraptor philoceratops, because Protest The Hero are nurturing mothers.”


Luca – Climate Control

What excites you about playing alongside International bands like Protest The Hero?

“Seeing the band play live is definitely a plus but playing in front of a specific audience that the band would pull is always great.”


Matthew – Red Helen

When did you first discover Protest The Hero and how?

“I discovered them in 2008 from a friend in school… Fortress was the first album I heard of theirs and it was like nothing I had ever heard before! It was all I listened to for months!”


Rob – Man As Machine

Tell us about the relationship between Man As Machine and Turning Trick’s and playing Turning Trick’s shows?

“I’ve known and worked with Duncan and Wayne from Turning Tricks for quite some time. Even before Man As Machine was around. I think MaM and TT starting working together with the first Krank’d Up festival.

So, the relationship has grown over a period of years. They’re good dudes who love kickass music, and they want to build and grow the South African scene. Bringing in international acts is just one way in which they’re doing that.

We aren’t affiliated with them, officially… but they seem to like what we do. I’m really looking forward to the Protest The Hero show.


Craig – Poverty of Ideals

With the plethora of international bands coming to South Africa, what are you most excited about for your Rumour’s show?

“Obviously I’m most excited that Protest the Hero are back on our shores. Then I ‘m excited because we get to share the stage with them and our mates from Man as Machine. It’s good too see international interest from bands we have grown up listening to and been inspired by. Things are looking up for SA music!

All Guns Full Ammo

Gareth – All Guns Full Ammo

What are your thoughts on the local line-up accompanying the tour Headliners?

“Protest the Hero’s sound is so unique, and they’re such damn wizards on their instruments (like at least the equivalent of level 70 destruction/conjuration magic in Skyrim) that finding suitable opening bands is tough. With the CT line up though, I think we’ve been able to find opening bands that all have elements of the PtH sound. For instance, Ill System have big grooves and diverse styles, Zombies bring the technicality and the heaviness, Oh God! have atmosphere and contrast in their songs, and All Guns gives us a glimpse of the real meaning of the term MAX KIFF. Like if all these bands boned and made a weird mutant baby band, that band would sound like PtH, but obviously more like a level 25 destruction mage version.

Logo (2)

Adriano – Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Protest The Hero will be playing for the first time in Cape Town, share your experience on the CPT venue?

“It’s a great venue, definitely one of the preferred spots for shows in and around Cape Town. Klein Libertas always has a special place in our hearts as we played our debut show there for‘s Winterfest back in 2012. We actually recently played there as well for Summerfest at the beginning of this year. It’s a really rad place and carries a lot of weight with the local metal community. As mentioned earlier the venue hosts two of our most esteemed festivals (Summer and Winterfest) which are both critical in keeping our local scene going. So yeah don’t think they could have asked for a better deal. Steeped in history and good times, we are ready for one amazing evening.”


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