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SUMO Says: We’re Back

Something about being a young adult eliminates the house party as option when considering social activities. Some may bring it down to maturity setting in. I believe that the biggest contributor to the demise of the house party is the fact that your social options are multiplied once you become legal. The need for a private house away from the civil and public gaze becomes diminished because you’re not underage anymore.

Nonetheless, nostalgia eventually sets in as the energy, spontaneity, and frivolity of a house party is never quite matched in any other social setting.

Almost two years ago LoveParty and 9Lives joined forces to do what no other rikishi had succesfully achieved. They combined forces to create SUMO; whose primary mission it was to revive the house party. After locating the perfect dojo nestled in Rosebank the team hosted three SUMO house parties. In the short space of time they built the brand rapidly creating one of the most hyped small-scale events in Johannesburg. It was no surprise though as the events were always professionally managed hosting some of the best local DJ’s in an environment we had never seen them in.

24 May 2014 was a long time ago and it seems Facebook was itching for another house party following the response when it was announced that SUMO was coming out of hibernation. The team found a new Dojo for the heavy weight bass in Illovo enlisting the services of Hyphen and Haezer to headline.


“You heard right! We’re back, and we’re coming back with a bang – a bang only bass in the red room could create! It’s the same as before, but bigger, badder and better. and the next day is FREEDOM DAY, need we say more?

Remember those old school house parties we so loved? Yeah, the house parties, tucked away in the middle of the suburbs, where the music was good, the beats were better and the vibe was untouchable? Well, we’re kicking it back and taking you down memory lane…”


26 April 2015

20 Hurlingham Road, Illovo

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Sumo Says a lot of things.

One of our favourite proverbs of his is plastered on the wall in the image below.

sumo says

SUMO Says: You are what you listen to 

In order to win the tickets; suggest what you think SUMO’s next proverb should be.

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Competition closes and winners selected and notified on Saturday the 25th of April.




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