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The Fuss went to Suburban State this past weekend. It was the last Suburban State of the year at a new venue in what used to be a prison yard at Constitution Hill. The venue has always been a big drawing card in the Suburban State parties and we must say that we approve of the move from the Citilec rooftop to Constitution Hill. To be honest though, the organisors have built such a reputation for the event that people would break the internet in an attempt to get tickets to the party regardless of wherever the event may be hosted.

We asked some of the revellers to take some selfies and give us their perspective of the event.

Ciaran and Alex

Alex Wright and Ciaran Mckivergan.

Alex Wright is a digital marketing analyst who makes and plays music sometimes.
“I’ve been to all the Suburban States”
Reason for coming? “I’m one of the organisors”
Artist to see? “All of them”
Hightlight? “Phfat pulling me on stage and me falling straight off the other side”

Ciaran Mckivergan is a social media brand manager and owner of 9 lives media, and Marco Paolo Cafe.

“I’ve been to all of the Suburban States. I would never miss a beat. We’re here to celebrate Jozi”

Reason for coming? “Well, I help put the event together and host it with Alex Wright, Anikesh Ramani & Andrew Clements. Why would people come to the event though? – good music, good people, good vibes and a straight up celebration of our beautiful city, Johannesburg.”
Artist to see? “Was definitely stoked to have Gateway drugs and Card on Spokes at this event, they are all so dam talented. But I couldn’t pick and choose, because the entire line up excited me”
Highlight? “My best moment thus far, would have to be watching peoples faces as they have fun, laughing, joking, jamming. It gets me everytime.”

Marike Smith. Computer Programmer.

“First Suburban State ever”

Reasons for coming? “I was kidnapped and brought here by a cute boy who strongly denies his hipsterism.”

Artists to see? “No one in particular.”

Highlight? “Dancing barefoot in the rain to the tune of some majestic local sounds. My shoes not getting lost was a huge bonus.”

Andy and David

David Thorpe and Andrew Esterhuizen. Musicians, Gateway Drugs.

“This was our first Suburban State”

Reasons for coming? “To play music and have a good time”

Artists to see? “Card On Spokes, Kat La Kat, Aero Manyelo”

Highlight? “Definitely that random dude breakdancing to one of our slowest songs.”

Andrew Nell

Andrew Nell. Acoustic consultant, BeatNN member.

“I’ve been to too many to remember, or maybe that’s me. But definitely a few.”

Reasons for coming? “Tasty beats and a friend’s birthday.”

Artists to see? “This one had a particularly good line up. I came to see everyone but I think for me I was most keen to see Card On Spokes and Trancemicsoul.”

Highlight? “Dancing in the rain/puddles”


Colbert Arends. Student, Event Promoter.

“I’ve been to four Suburban State’s”

Reasons for coming? “It was the last Suburban of the year and the new venue also sounded really cool so I thought I’d have to check it out.”

Artists to see? “The lineup was also quite different from the previous one’s this year (excluding residents), so I decided to check that out as well.”

Highlight? “Seeing my cousin and brother perform at Suburban in January at the Citilec Rooftop Venue. (Phizicist & Frqnt)”

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