What I think is gonna be cool in 2015.


…but might not be.

If this is the first time you’ve woken up in your own bed since the binge fest of New Year Week (nobody just does the one night anymore) then chances are some of you are having the biggest case of morning-after paranoia of your life. Some of you are even making New Year’s resolutions to stop being such a closet-slut, obvious slut, fanny wobbler, alcoholic, coke head, slacker, plagiarizer, sheep, bitch, prick, fatty, joller or recluse. Good luck with that. Nothing a nice long list can’t solve.

Those of you who are perfect will have laughed that hangover off, moved onto predicting the yummy new trends of 2015 and figuring out what their new vibe will be for the next 365. Then there are the others who don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks, the Beautiful People (innovative leaders, exquisite creatures of the night and predominantly gender-benders), who shall be delving into ideas on how to keep their identity and creative edge morphing this year. And that’s my biggest fashion forecast for 2015: flux.

Not that I am by any means one of the gender-bender-trender-setters but here comes my two cents’ worth of a stab at as to what will be en point (for me) this year. We’re still holding hands with Health Goth, Normcore, Soft Grunge and 90s net-stagia but here’s some more stuff: #Future2K15.

Fashion: Retro Future


Yeah, it’s an oxymoron but I’ll coin it as dumb as it sounds: Retro Future. Ever watched a Betsy Johnson fashion show from the 60s? How about drooled over Edie Sedgwick and co. when they were getting really spacey at The Factory? Back then they were obsessing over the future, making things smaller, and using plastic or other manmade fabrics to represent what they hoped the future of fashion would be like. In short they were fantasizing about how we, Generation Y, would dress. It was Mary Quant meets Quantum Physics. This is basically us answering the fashion forecasts of our grandparents.

So I see gender based clothing not getting addressed at all. Boys will be girls will be boys who are girls. Add to that a lot of PVC, silver foil, plastic skirts, geometrical shapes, A-symmetrical lines, inbuilt tech, LED lights, zips, moon suits, customised vintage and gravity defying heels. Alien Princesses everywhere and the more iridescent the better.

Activity: THE CLUB

2015 is all about the escape. Creating an avatar and letting it play in real world. Last year was the freak out about life and the bid to forget the bad stuff. This year celebrates the effort to not be useless by working HARD and then escaping into dream world when and wherever possible. In the wise words of the Wiz, ‘work hard, play hard,’ finds us burning the midnight oil and then hitting The Club. Nightclubbing is back. Along with the many facets of house music, actually dancing on the dance floor and dressing to kill will be a thing. Escape to underground parties, immerse yourself in the music, stay late and by no means wear your after work drinks garb. Nobody ever transcended glamorously in a haze of E on the dance floor in bootleg jeans.

Listen: The Beautiful People

Those lamenting the good old days of rock ‘n roll, straight up punk and specific genres can keep crying, I guess. Everyone had cyber sex and made magic over the last few months. Good luck trying to define any of the following fine artists; these guys are killing it in every sense of the world:


Card On Spokes




No Internet

No Internet

Lit: Neo-neo Surrealism/alt-lit/The New Uncanny

Automatic Writing

If 2015 is the year of the escape into the self and the imagination then it is also the year of reading the weirdest shit ever. Independent writers are publishing incredible work that not only criss-crosses tongues over language (weird kinky stuff is rife), reality and dreamscapes but also in how it is consumed. Images are poetry, poetry is a digital image, collage is juxtaposed advertorial and ad copy is editorial. Expect to pick up new ways of looking at the world from the words of a young generation who honed their skills on the net and often use social media and online platforms to tell their very weird stories.

Get started with this lot:

Tao Lin

Sam Pink

Doug Abraham

Taty Went West

Automatic Writing


I have a book/blog list for the year so if anyone cares, ask me and I’ll send it to you.

Loads of the books are in pdf. so you can read them online FOR FREE.

That’s all.


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